RT product information – a solution for the maintenance and publishing of product information

RT product information database is a solution for the product industry to distribute product information to the building and real estate industry. The online service has been developed specifically for the needs of the building materials industry and technical trade companies. Up-to-date product information ensures smoothness of sales for the chosen products.

RT product information is your solution for the maintenance and publishing of product information. The service combines Building Information Ltd’s strong RT brand, solid expertise in content production and classification of product information, linking to instructions and regulations in the RT building information files, and an experienced production and communication organisation.

RT product database creates a construction product number identified for construction products

Building Information Group

Building Information Group is a full-service information and media company for the construction sector. The Building Information Group comprises Building Information Foundation RTS sr and Building Information Ltd. Our aim is to promote good construction practice by producing and sharing information and data on house construction, building service systems, facility management and infrastructure from design to maintenance.

Electronic interface to Building Information Ltd centralised building product database

The service enables receiving product information from product manufacturers and importers and sending it to hardware shops and Building Information Group’s partners. The aim is to receive and send product information primarily in electronic form. If automated electronic transmission of data is not possible, product information may be entered in the system with an import tool or manually by Building Information Group’s experts using an Excel file.

RT contractors product information application utilizes RT Product information database

Application has been co-developed with the largest contractors in Finland. Products and documents verifying their qualification and material safety are retrieved from the RT product information database. This information will be used to compile the “product description” of the building.

International co-operation

Building Information Ltd works closely with the Nordic countries in product information harmonization and standardization and participates in CEN standardization work in Europe.

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